Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu

Nollywood actor , Uche Maduagwu, has continued with his Instagram rant, as he this time, alleges that most Nollywood actresses use cucumber as sex toys and he’ s tired of seeing all of that.

The actor also went ahead to talk about an incident he witnessed while on set in Owerri.

He wrote in a new post:

“Please enough is enough… Let us be civil for once ! Am tired of seeing popular actresses using cucumbers as sex toys on movie locations … 

Please let us behave ourselves and fear God . Even if you can not hold your body, please get for yourself , a sex toy instead of wasting cucumbers, we all know “sey body no be fire wood”, but that doesn’t mean we should be wasteful and reckless.

I was on a movie set in Owerri, and every morning when I wake up to rehearse my lines and study my scripts outside, I noticed lots of cucumbers will be scattered all over the staircase, but I never knew what it was used for until when I came back one night after a long days shoot, all of a sudden, I stated hearing different noises from one of the apartments where other actresses were lodged, and to my greatest shock, I found out that one of the actress invited her friend over and they were making use of cucumbers to satisfy themselves.

Although it was dark, and I couldbarely see their faces, but then I felt so bad, its was irritating and disgusting. This is just so insane, I never wanted to say this until someone actually complained about the same thing in another location a few months back, Please let us be matured and let’s not turn movie locations into Babylon. This is what happens when you have so many unserious people claiming to be actresses, they are the very few who are spoiling this industry called nollywood, if you can not behave yourselves and be professional, please find for yourselves an alternative job, its not by force to be an actress, stop giving other serious minded actors a bad name…

If you want to be an actress, be an actress and if you insist you want to be a runs girl, please feel free to find your calling on the street, stop behaving like imbeciles abeg .”


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