The Department of State Services , on Sunday, said it had recovered some weapons and 21 Certificates of Occupancy among others from two cars on the premises of a company , Dunes Investment and Global Properties Limited , Abuja.

Former Benue state Governor, Mr Gabriel Suswan

The DSS, in a statement in Abuja by an official, Tony Opuiyo , alleged that the Cs of O , weapons and other recovered items belonged to a former Governor of Benue State , Mr. Gabriel Suswan.

According to the statement, the items were found on 25 February following the execution of a search warrant at a property located at 44 Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Maitama, Abuja. The property is occupied by a company named Dunes Investment and Global Properties Limited.

The DSS stated that a search on the property followed the receipt of intelligence that some incriminating items were stashed in the boots of cars at the premises, particularly a Mercedes Benz S550 (BWR 135AH) and Maserati 4.7 (BWR 207 AJ), which were subsequently confiscated.

The service revealed item discovered, which included a Glock pistol with two magazines and a total of 29 rounds of ammunition, a mini-Uzi gun with two magazines containing 10 rounds and four rounds respectively, 42 extra rounds of ammunition, and one AK-47 rifle.

Also recovered were 21 certificates of occupancy and one offer of statutory right of occupancy as well as 45 keys to various exotic cars.

The discovery of the items, explained the DSS, provoked further investigation. The DSS subsequently invited Mr. Suswam for interrogation.

The DSS warned that it would not tolerate any form of lawlessness from individuals and groups.

“In line with its statutory mandate of maintaining the peace and internal security of the country, the Service at this moment restates its commitment to go after anyone, no matter how highly placed, who engages in acts capable of causing the breach of peace in the country,” the DSS said in its statement.


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